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Care for your back this Christmas

December 07, 2015

Shopping during the Christmas period can be strenuous, especially the combined stress of the food and gift shopping. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid problems this Christmas.

Christmas Shopping Back pain

  • Try to distribute the weight of the shopping bags evenly between both hands, or do regular trips back to the car to drop them off so that you are carrying less.


  • If you find yourself tiring or aching, try to take regular breaks and keep hydrated.


  • Carrying large light awkward items can be worse than carrying small heavy items – avoid contorting your body into unusual positions in order to accommodate those larger items.


  • Hold the bags/items close to your body to make transporting them easier, as holding things at arm’s length makes it appear approximately 7 times heavier.


  • At home, when wrapping the gifts, make sure that you are sitting at a table in a chair that supports your back and NOT sat or kneeling on the floor, bending over the gifts and reaching for the sticky tape. This can strain you back or neck.


  • Shopping online for all your gifts and supplies may seem like the easier option, but this can also cause you issues. Make sure that you up sit correctly on a chair, not slouched on the sofa or bed. Take regular breaks from the screen and stand up to stretch periodically. Also when your goods arrive at your door, still make sure you carry the heavy objects carefully so as not to strain your back or neck.


If you do suffer back or neck pain over the Christmas holidays then call us on 0118 966 4431 for a consultation to find out how we can help you or contact us via our website here.

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