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Running with pain

March 02, 2016

Running with Goddard Chiropractic

Running is a fun and satisfying sport if you are able to run without pain or hinderance. However many runners suffer with a myriad of aches and pains which can be caused by spinal and/or pelvic misalignments, thus preventing the proper function and balance of muscle that are being used in a repetitive motion. Just like a car needs proper wheel alignment to prevent tyres from wearing out unevenly, runners need an aligned spine and pelvis to allow their legs to work smoothly too. This can cause anything from hip/back pain to ankle/foot pain which can ruin the fun, enjoyment of the sport.


If all your joints and muscles are functioning properly then you should be able to run without pain!

As a Chiropractor I assess the function of your spine and joints in order to find any restrictions or misalignments. Then we can correct these problems and strengthen your joints to help prevent them reoccurring. This can make running more comfortable and could potentially improve performance.
Even top athletes seek chiropractic care. Not only for pain for injuries, but to improve performance. Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, has treatment from chiropractors to keep him functioning optimally so as nothing hinders his performance.

Usain Bolt Chiropractor
If you are a runner or running this years Reading Half Marathon and are struggling then call Goddard Chiropractic on 0118 966 4431 for an assessment to find out how we can help you.

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