You might think that office work is a pretty safe vocation. But if you’re not careful, your sedentary, desk-based lifestyle could be creating all kinds of problems. From aches and pains to blood clots and strokes, these 4 things are the most dangerous mistakes we see people regularly make in an office.


Office workers can spend hours sitting at a desk. If you’re slumped over like the hunchback of Notre Dame then you’re in for some problems. Neck ache, backache and even migraines can all be caused by bad desk posture. Be sure to sit up straight with your shoulders upright and use a chair that’s designed for good posture.


When you’re busy it can be tempting to multi-task. Many people make the mistake of clamping their phone between their shoulder and neck, so they can type or write as they talk.

“Neck ache, backache and even migraines can all be caused by bad desk posture.”

This is a big mistake. The consequences include neck pain, shoulder pain and can even result in a stroke! If you must type and talk then get a headset or put your phone on speakerphone.


If you wear high heels to work every day then you best be prepared for problems. Not only do they make your feet ache, but they can put a strain on your pelvis, irritate your Achilles and cause lower back pain. You can find a wide range of smart, office-style shoes that are not high-heeled. If you must wear heels, then opt for lower ones, with a more platform style heel rather than a stiletto.


If your job involves lifting then be sure you’re doing it right or you could damage your back. Always bend from your knees, not your waist, and use a combination of your legs and core to bear the weight.


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