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Chiropractor in Reading: In recent years, more and more people have been searching for natural ways to achieve overall health and manage their pain or injury. The team at Goddard Chiropractic do just that! They take a whole person approach by not only managing each patient’s symptoms but by addressing the underlying causes of their pain and injury.

Common Conditions Managed at Goddard Chiropractic

The team sees patients with a wide variety of chronic pain and injury. They specialise in Chiropractic adjustments that assist with back pain, neck pain, general aches and pains, joint pain and stiffness, sciatica, headaches and migraines, muscle spasms, the inability to relax, poor posture and more.

The principle behind Chiropractic is very simple. The spine is the part of the body that protects the spinal chord / central nervous system. It is this central nervous system that controls all of the body’s functions. There are many different lifestyle causes (desk work, driving), injuries or other circumstances that can cause restrictions in the spine which can affect its function and manifest itself in many ways such as pain, discomfort or reduced mobility. These restrictions may disrupt the central nervous systems ability to function correctly which can cause more pain and health issues throughout the body.

Adjusting the spine removes these restrictions reducing pain and discomfort and increasing mobility and letting the body’s functions return to normal.

By freeing the central nervous system, Chiropractic works with the body’s natural ability to heal itself without using pills, drugs or surgery.

The following are some of the major reasons why Chiropractic care has become a service that is sort out by so many people across the world.

  • Chiropractic care aligns your spine and joints.
  • Adjustments normalise joint motion and optimise other normal body functions and performance.
  • Chiropractic helps improve coordination and balance within the body.
  • Muscle tension, pressure on the body and everyday stress are relieved through adjustments.
  • Regular chiropractic care helps to build flexibility and improve range of motion.
  • Chiropractic care reduces pain and helps the body heal from injury.

Chiropractors have always maintained that people should not wait until symptoms appear before seeking Chiropractic care to address their aches and pains. We believe that keeping the body free of stiffness or nerve interference is a good way to help the body function better, with better health as a result.

Rehabilitative / Strengthening

As part of your individually tailored treatment plan the Chiropractors will often include a rehabilitative / strengthening and corrective phase where in-house core stability and postural exercise programmes are introduced to the appointments to strengthen the core and postural muscles to support the improvements made, to continue improvement and help prevent reoccurrence.

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