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After almost 12 months of lower back pain and seeing a physiotherapist with very little results I was beginning to feel that this would be an ongoing issue that I will just have to deal with.  However after being recommended to see a chiropractor I got in touch with Goddard Chiropractic and WOW, what a difference, and even after only a few visits did I start noticing the benefits.  I am now completely pain free and have been for months.

The plan that was set up along with the exercises has worked wonders and I cannot thank them enough.

I highly recommend to anyone struggling with lower back pain.

Thank you William and Olivia.

Mr Sharman (35) Sales Manager

I woke up one morning feeling like I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder, maybe I had slept a bit funny. I made a short train journey that day which was uncomfortable. I couldn’t find a position to sit or stand in, where my shoulder didn’t hurt.
Over the next week or 2, I tried a sports massage to relieve the pain but nothing happened. I struggled to sleep as every position was uncomfortable. Sitting was no better. The masseuse suggested I look to Chiropractic treatment. I was tired and uncomfortable but made an appointment. On the appointment, I had an Xray which showed wear and tear on the disc between my C5 & C6 vertebrae as well as a curve in my spine.
I started with 3 sessions a week for 3 weeks by the end of which, I could sleep a little better and I was able to sit and move with more ease.
When the pain first started I lost all strength in my right arm. I had been going to the gym, flipping 160kg tyres, doing chin ups and dead lifts but suddenly I didn’t even have strength to push open the fire doors at work.
I had a break from the gym for several months but I have gone back to it now and although I’m not working with as much weight as before, the strength has returned to my arm, or at least the nerves have reconnected to remind the muscles what they can do. I am almost back up t full strength.
I can sleep on both sides again rather than being limited to my back and my body is no longer in pain like it was before. Chiropractic treatment did not rely on pills or medications. If I had gone to my GP I would have probably still be waiting for treatment. I felt an improvement within a few sessions, the tingling down my arm reduced although it has taken several months to feel completely normal again, it’s quicker than any other treatment is likely to have been.
I think I will now always look to have appointments with a Chiropractor even just for maintenance as it not only identified the problem but relieved it and I have exercises to help keep my spine fit and healthy.
William Goddard listened to my problem and has wanted to resolve it. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Andrea Lawson (43)

Having suffered from regular periods of lower back pain for many years (decades) and having tried various painkillers (tablets/sprays/creams), several courses of (expensing) physiotherapy and simply trying to ‘tough it out’, it was suggested that I see a chiropractor.
I visited the Goddard Chiropractic team in January 2018 and was made to feel welcome and at ease by Olivia and William.
The initial assessment was fairly quick yet thorough and led to a recommendation of a course of treatment. This was a series of appointments – initially a couple of times a week to allow William to manipulate my back (and neck) to get me ‘physically’ aligned; the frequency reducing to now, once every 5-6 weeks – The latter visits included a series of exercises and now are merely check-ups with a few quick manipulations to make sure everything is aligned and ok.
Throughout, William has been informative and ensured I knew what he was doing – and why!
The treatments have been painless with only a little soreness after the first couple (as my body got used to being in a better way).
Previously I would have had another episode in the last 5 months but nothing! I just wish I had done this sooner. The lack of pain (as well as better sleeping) is wonderful.

Mr Westfield (54) Change Manager

When I first attended Goddard Chiropractic, I was in pain in my right hip and in pain in lower back through both buttocks and both hamstrings. I was unable to even jog and had to stop walking more than 100 yards due to pain in hip. After an intensive course of treatment I noticed an improvement and the pain lessened. 

Now after further treatment I am back running as a football Referee with no after effects. This has improved my life as I am able to run around with my Grandchildren.

The staff at the Practice have always been very helpful and I would recommend if in back or other pain, a visit would be very worthwhile.

Peter Hitt (67) Shift Production Manager

Erroneous medical advice when I was 11, led to a life-time of falls – usually 3 or more per year; then a car-crash whiplash in the 80’s all combined to make most sports & even “nice walks” risky, & painfully less than healthy.  I am tall.  (Even swimming, I kept getting chest infections)

Since Mr Goddard’s therapy, where I discovered that my fibromyalgia does have a cause(!!) & practising those exercises, pain management has been exceptional, reducing the drugs required for osteoarthritis & the decades of falls-damage.

His treatments have been the best investment I’ve ever made!

R (67) – Retired Nurse (SRN, RSCN)

A long standing back problem, worsening with age, made my life very difficult. Conventional medicine only suggested painkillers and perhaps physio but my GP does not have time to spend exploring other options.

From the outset Will Goddard treated me as an intelligent being, explained everything in a sympathetic and professional manner and provided me with hope for some improvement long term, with exercise and manipulation. A bleak future now does not seem so bleak and together, we can work out an individual plan for continual revision and remedial treatments.

Will’s staff are delightful, as he is himself, so each visit is anticipated with less anxiety and more optimism. Thank you!

Mrs R (71) Retired

I have spent approximately 30 years having headaches and migraines. Many years spent within the GP surgery resulting in trying different medication and virtually being told I need to live with them.

They got progressively worse to the point I often felt I didn’t want to wake up, my life was that miserable because of constant pain.

Goddard Chiropractic opened and my partner suggested I try that which I did and I have to say it changed my life so much. I had my headaches and pain explained to me in a way that made a difference beyond anything I had experienced or previously been told by GP’s. I understood the absolute importance of good posture and staying fit and mobile.

I’ve found William and Olivia such lovely people and I totally recommend if you have any health issues, consider this practise. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Nannette Penfold

After a 3-4 month period of visiting Goddard Chiropractic, I can attest to the benefits!
The difference I am experiencing is almost 100% better after struggling with intermittent back pain for several years. I feel like ‘a new man’!
Thank you.

Mr N Abbott (47) – Sales Director

I have suffered with lower back pain for most of my adult life, sometimes needing time off of work when the pain was so bad. Other treatments helped in the short term but the pain always returned.

Will at Goddard Chiropractic was recommended to me and at my initial consultation I was welcomed by Olivia. Will introduced himself and I found him to be friendly, professional and reassuring. His assessment of me and an Xray of my back showed my pelvis to be misaligned as I have one leg shorter than the other. I started a course of treatment to realign my pelvis, three times a week to begin with, plus exercises to strengthen my core and a small heel lift to wear inside my shoe.

I am so much better now, the exercises are ongoing and I continue to see Will every few weeks for maintenance treatments. When I met Will I explained to him that I would like to be able to look after my grandchildren, lift them and play with them without pain or fear of what I would do to my back. He reassured me that he would get me there and he has so I have no hesitation in recommending Goddard Chiropractic.

Sue Tinworth (68) Retired

Before I went to Goddard Chiropractic I was in considerable pain from my hip, lower back and right leg. I was unable to walk without the aid of a stick and slept, sporadically, propped up in a sitting position, unable to lie down because of pain.

The GP had prescribed painkillers that had little or no effect. I thought that I was a candidate for a hip replacement.

Will took X-rays that showed that my hips were tilted and my spine unaligned. He advised a course of action which required 3 sessions for 2 weeks the 2 sessions for 2 weeks to be reviewed as we went along. The sessions were short but effective.

Over the course of a couple of weeks my spine and hips were realigned and the pain in my back and hip gone, my leg took a little longer due to a muscle problem. It wasn’t just getting rid of the pain, he taught me to change my gait and straighten my back, the bad habits that I had developed over the previous few months.

I am now able to carry on with my normal routine. The main things being able to drive my car and walk my dog who had suffered over the weeks with 1 short walk a day from a kind friend.

I will be attending preventative sessions, I don’t want this to happen to me again.

Mrs A (74) Retired

In 1972, I had a car accident and I ended up in hospital. They put me in traction for 2 1/2 months. Since then I have been in constant pain which I grew to live with.

I had Physio and Chiropractic treatment for several months but gave up a while. In 2016, I met William Goddard and I have never felt better than I do now.

After only a few treatments my constant headaches had gone. My back is straight and I now walk with a spring in my step. There is no evidence of limping. I am sleeping a lot better and my energy level has increased.

The staff at Goddard Chiropractic are wonderful.

Thank you William.

Cynthia Fisher (69) Retired

I first decided to try Chiropractic care after years of intermittent hip and back pain, dating as far back as my late teens. In the past I’ve used painkillers and had physiotherapy but although these helped in the short term, the pain would always come back. I wanted to find a way to break this cycle.

After my initial appointment Will diagnosed that my pelvis was tilted by 5mm, which was causing inflammation and pain. Within a few sessions my hip and back felt ‘looser’ and more flexible and I was virtually pain free with no painkillers at all! Other people noticed the difference too and commented on how much more easily I seemed to be walking. The change has been amazing – I’ve gone from finding it hard to walk my children to school to being much more active.

Another significant change for me has been a reduction in the number of headaches I suffer. I’ve experienced regular, sometimes severe, headaches since I was seven but Will diagnosed that these were caused by tension/stiffness in my neck. After treatment, I’ve had just one headache in the last few months.

For me, receiving Chiropractic treatments been life changing. I still see Will regularly for maintenance (something I would really recommend) but I am virtually pain free. I’m usually on my feet all day at work and this wouldn’t have been possible before treatment. I cannot recommend Will (and the lovely Olivia!) highly enough.

Helen French (39) Library Assistant

At the age of forty, I was treated for a prolapsed disc by a GP. Since then I have had a twist in my lumbar spine which has been un-notable and caused inflammation. It went from acute to chronic pain and I came to accept it.

Since seeing Mr Goddard, my spine has been gently encouraged to straighten whilst carrying out strengthening exercises to prevent further reoccurrence of the condition. I have had 3 1/2 months of intensive treatment and exercise and for the first time in many years, was able to go on holiday recently without any problems.

My walking gait has changed, my posture and flexibility feel ‘right’, I am sleeping better, moving better and am keen to do all the things denied to me in the past.

I have been most amazed by the fact that my condition was quite treatable and I no longer feel restricted or over-cautious.

Ann Murray (66) Retired

My friend had an initial consultation and it was discovered her pelvis was misaligned. After a couple of sessions, her walking and balance had improved significantly. She is more stable on her feet, has had less falls, less pain and is more confident going out – Amazing!
I would highly recommend Goddard Chiropractic for their help and support and the very professional manner in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Thank you.

Ms N S (51), Catering Assistant

What brought me to Goddard Chiropractic was back pain. I spoke to Mr Goddard and he examined my back and discovered my pelvis was twisted. Treatment was given and there was a big improvement in my condition very quickly. I was able to squat and get up from this position without falling and losing my balance. There has been less pain gel needed, the whole course of treatment has made things easier for me.
With Olivia at Reception first point of call and I would 100% totally recommend Mr Goddard to anyone totally knowing like myself they will notice improvement in their condition. The most amazing thing for me was just how quickly I noticed an improvement in my situation.

Sara Howell (51), Charity Shop Assistant

I had to retire early due to a very painful back. I had physiotherapy but for years after, my back would start to spasm and I had to resort to painkillers. Rarely a month went by without needing medication.
I have only used the painkillers once (early on) since using Goddard Chiropractic.
Attending once a month and exercise has really worked. Absolutely fabulous!

Mrs Nicholls (60), Retired Teacher

I first met Will at my indoor Bowls Club. I was suffering with an occasional sharp pain around my right hip area; Will diagnosed more of a pelvic problem. I was a bit sceptical as I thought my hip was breaking down, however, Will offered me a examination and X-ray that showed his diagnosis was correct (very impressed!).
I then accepted a course of treatment and exercises back in April/May of this year. With his (Will’s) skill and treatment, the annoying pain disappeared. Not only that, I got back my confidence and balance improving my bowling action and enabled me to do more walking.
I have recently spoken in praise to friends and fellow club members of Will’s treatment and would highly recommend Goddard Chiropractic to anyone suffering from pain.

Mr R C (77)

Prior to commencing treatment at Goddard Chiropractic, I was experiencing moderate pain in my right hip and right leg, walked with a pronounced limp and reduced mobility in my right leg. An Xray taken at the clinic revealed some wear and tear around the right hip joint, causing my pelvic area to be out of alignment and some curvature of my spine.

On commencing treatment and appropriate core exercises, my symptoms greatly reduced. I generally walk without a limp and have far greater movement with my right leg. The Xray also highlighted a difference between the length of my legs of around 9mm, which also has been successfully remedied.

From an initial 3 sessions a week, I now attend once a month to maintain mobility in my hip joint. I am delighted with my improved wellbeing and very happy to recommend Will Goddard and Chiropractic treatment.

Nick Lepine (49)

I have been seeing a Chiropractor since 1990 for restricted movement and pain, travelling some distance to a clinic. I was, therefore, delighted to be notified a clinic was opening in Lower Earley, April 2015. I immediately contacted Will Goddard and from the initial conversation I was confident he knew his profession well and became his first patient at his clinic.
X-rays were taken which highlighted the reasons for my restricted mobility and pain. Will fully understood what treatment was required from him to relieve pain and increase my mobility to do normal every day things.
I have found Will to be a caring person wanting to help me as quickly as possible to relieve the daily pain I was in and increase my body mobility. Will started me on a course of intensive treatment which gradually improved my range of mobility and decreased the pain.
Since April 2015, I have continued with receiving regular treatment to ensure improved mobility remains and minimum pain is experienced.

Ms Triggs (75) – Retired

The treatment was excellent. When I first went to Goddard Chiropractic, my back was very stiff. Had this problem for many years, on and off for about 10-15 years in total. I went to the GP on a number of occasions and was always given tablets. They worked in the short term but then the pain would come back.

I then decided to go to the Chiropractor when I was in a position to do so and I noticed a change with my back after a few treatments. Today it is so much better and doing the exercises has helped a lot! Great job, so glad I went.

Mr Neil (55) Warehouse Operative

After suffering with lower back problems and after going to the doctors for treatment, I was sent to the hospital for them to look at me. After they checked all around the area, all they could offer me was injections and paracetamol tablets.

I had suffered with this for 3 years.

I was given William Goddard’s card so I made an appointment with him. I had an assessment and he X-rayed the area. I went back the next day and he went through what he had found and what was wrong.

He was very honest from the start and said he could not cure me but could make it easier to live with. Since then I feel very good and I can continue with my golf and actually enjoy it again.

Mr Anonymous (78) Retired

For most of my adult life I have suffered with back pain, sometimes excruciating, as a result of a mis-aligned pelvis.
Because I have had this condition for so long, I thought that nothing could be done to alleviate it. However, in my case, after just seven sessions Will had re-aligned my pelvis with the result that I am now pain-free. In addition, my posture has greatly improved.
I would recommend Will unreservedly, especially if a problem seems insurmountable.

Mrs Allison (71) Retired

Having suffered regular headaches and migraines for the past 30 years, I have tried a wide range of medication without much success. I visited Will for the first time this summer. He examined me and took X-rays then prescribed a course of treatments and exercises. His manner has been professional, friendly and reassuring throughout. My headaches have now gone and the course of treatment, manipulations and exercises have given me back a pain-free life.

Mrs MacFarlane, (70), Retired.

When I first came to Goddard Chiropractic, I had been suffering for at least 20 years with a painful right knee and hip. Walking was painful and worst of all sleeping became disturbed due to pain when laying on my right side.
Over the years I had undergone two knee operations and a keyhole hip operation. This did help to relieve my symptoms, however, over the years the pain returned. Having had several physiotherapy sessions the problem remained and taking painkillers was not something that I wanted to continue with.
When I started my first consultation with William Goddard, my past X-Rays were discussed and a solution to help my condition was clearly described to me. After a few weeks it became clear that my pain was less apparent, especially when laying down. Walking regularly with my dog is now pain free and sleeping better is naturally a bonus in everyday life. The staff have supported me throughout my treatment and helped me to understand chiropractic methods. Exercises have been given to me to maintain my core strength.
What amazed me most is the clicking of joints is strangely a relief.

Anita Winch, (53), Hair and Beauty Salon Assistant

I have spent the last three years seeing Will. When I arrived I was experiencing regular migraines each week. With some sound advice and care these have now been cut down to just a few occurrences each year making such a difference to life in general. The personable and approachable manner shown by Will always makes it a useful and friendly visit. Highly recommended.


I sought chiropractic treatment as I had pain and numbness in my arm. I had no idea this was being caused by neck and back problems.

As I completed the chiropractic programme designed for me as an individual I started to feel much better and the pain and numbness went. I still complete the exercises I was shown at the outset on a daily basis and feel so much stronger and healthier as a result.

My practitioner was professional and caring and always gave me the time I needed at my appointments.

Mr W. 40 something male

Before I started treatment I was facing a foot operation as a result of a serious car accident. I had no idea that the constant pain I had when walking was as a result of back problems.

There had to be an alternative and I was fortunate enough to be suggested chiropractic with Will Goddard. Within weeks of starting treatment the pain was almost gone and I felt stronger and fitter than I had for years.

The icing on the cake was being able to walk for more than 30 minutes without being in agony and guess what I no longer needed an operation. Additional benefits included sleeping better, feeling fitter and an increase in my overall health as I succumbed to fewer colds and illnesses.

So now I make sure I receive regular treatment to keep me feeling fit and well.

Miss K. 30 something female

I have been treated by Will over the last 5 years. Initially it was for recurring migraines & headaches, which I have suffered from since early childhood.

Will alleviated the pain almost instantly, he gave me a clear understanding of why I was suffering, how he would treat me initially & then how to stay symptom free through maintenance.

I have also had treatment throughout both my pregnancies for back & pelvic pain (including sciatica) I cannot speak highly enough of Will, his treatment has had such a positive impact on me.

Will is also a very caring individual, I have never felt rushed & he always has a happy attitude. I cannot recommend Will enough & it’s very reassuring to know an appointment is only a call away.

Nicola Evans, 37 & Mum to two very active boys.

I have received chiropractic treatment from Will Goddard for over 5 years. During that time I have had significant relief from my lower back pain.

My 4 weekly maintenance visits continue to provide great benefit in my busy retirement.

Will is extremely professional, caring and friendly .

He has also given me holistic health advice which has proved extremely helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

A Grateful Patient

Both my husband and I have been treated by Will for the last six plus years. I had a problem with my shoulder and my husband a lower back issue.

We were soon mobile again with the help of Will. We decided to visit monthly (maintenance really). We are both very busy and active people and do not have the time to be immobile! Will had certainly more than achieved this by giving us the confidence to carry on with our lives.

Ian (age 58) Aerospace Engineer and Company Director.
Barbara (age 62) Children’s Author.

Fantastic service, well priced, manage to get appointments around work commitments easily. Highly recommend.

Sarah H.

Highly recommended. So pleased I went there as I feel so much better now. Very friendly staff, great customer service.

Nathalie W.

I’ve been going to Goddards chiropractoric clinic since we moved here last year and the treatments they’ve provided have significantly helped with not only my posture and general stature but also with the pain I experience on a daily basis as someone who suffers with Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Since I’ve been seeing Ellie it’s become very clear to me that she has spent an enormous amount of her own time researching how to assist those with both neurological and physical issues. Her treatments are tailored to to the individual patient and I would highly recommend Goddard’s to anyone with a connective tissue disorder or even just to those who feel they may need treatment to reduce pain. All the staff are incredibly lovely and welcoming and make their patients’ experiences stress free.

Brooke T.

Myself and my family have been visiting the clinic since it opened and have always had a great, professional and friendly service. The treatment plans have always been clearly explained and we have been told exactly what is involved. We have been been especially impressed with how accommodating the chiropractors have been, fitting us in when we have most needed treating.

Sarah E.

I could not even jog slowly after injuring my back William found it was not helped by an injury from 30 years ago and the treatment was excellent and allowed to get back refereeing and has also greatly improved my bowls

Peter H.

I first came to the Chiropractic in February to see Ellie regarding my posture. She was extremely professional and friendly. I saw significant improvement within the first two weeks of my treatment and helped with my wellbeing and stress over the GCSE period! The whole team was extremely welcoming and friendly and I would definitely recommend!

Matthew T.

Highly recommend Goddards Last summer I was suffering with a stomach pain. I had been seeing the doctor weekly, had scans and tests but couldn’t workout what was the issue was. Cousin said her friend had similar problems and was advised to see a chiropractor SO I thought why not got nothing to loose as Doctors couldn’t find the issue. Met Will October and after (I think) 6 sessions my pain was starting to go BY the end of my grouped sessions I was starting to feel normal in myself again and able to workout without being in pain. I now see Will every 9 weeks just to keep the joint loose. Thank you for helping me feel normal again and pain free.

Rebecca W.

Being military I get injuries from time to time and find regular chiropractic treatment helps with injury prevention also aiding with quicker recovery times when injury does occur. I’ve seen numerous chiropractor’s over the years but have found Goddard’s to be the best. The treatments and advice have been spot on and the welcome I get from the staff from the moment I get through the door to leaving is amazing. They even sent me a personalised text message to wish me a happy 40th birthday which I thought was great. I’m moving from the area due to posting and will miss my visits. Highly recommended for those seeking a great service.

Aiden P.

The treatment I have received here has been vital to my recovery and ability to lead a much happier and healthier life. Everyone at Goddard is simply fantastic!

Greg M.

I cannot recommend Goddard Chiropractic highly enough. It is a lovely clinic with a friendly and welcoming reception team who are always very accommodating. The Chiropractic care received is second to none. The initial treatment plan I had was thoroughly and clearly explained to me. I have been seeing William for maintenance for around 4 years now and he is always very thorough in his approach. I would recommend to anyone.

Olivia S.

I’ve had regular chiropractic treatment for 8 years, but three years ago Will at Goddard Chiropractic was recommended to me. Parking was easier, opening hours were more suitable and location was great for me so I made the change in Chiropractor. Will gave me a thorough examination and continued with a maintenance plan I was already doing plus gave me an exercise programme for home. My transition to a new chiropractor was easy. Will and the team are great and full of lots of advice. I continue to see Will regularly mainly now to prevent a stiff neck and digestive problems. Treatment definitely helps with movement and also a happy mind. Highly recommend Goddard Chiropractic. Thank you Will and Team.

Laura E.
0118 966 4431