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Gardening during Lockdown

During lockdown and upcoming summer months, many of us have considered, or started, gardening. The lovely sunny weather mixed with rain means that gardening season has begun. This makes some of us happy and some of us slightly worried when we think of all those back breaking tasks that we…
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Chiropractor Earley


Vitamin C has been a popular supplement for many decades and its easy to see why. More and more studies are showing that it can help improve absorption of other nutrients, slow the ageing process, promote healthy skin – and most interestingly right now, improve immune function and reduce the…
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Healthy Living Habits

The start of a new season brings awareness of the things that you may like to do in the coming months. Along with the goals you set and plans you make this fall, take time for yourself and make HEALTH part of your every day for the upcoming months. We…
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